Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello World

So apparently there is this thing called 'blogging', which seems to consist of equal parts narcissism and self-publicity. As far as I can tell the aim of the geek's version of this game is to make yourself insanely attractive to hiring managers who need to fill obscure technical vacancies. Oddly enough this activity not only counts as work, but is actively encouraged by management. Sign me up!

What's that? You want actual content? Oh, umm, right then. Well let's start with something simple shall we? Maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Jonathan Halliday, dev team lead for JBossTS. I spend my days working on transactions code, trying to remove more bugs than I add. After ten years or so I think I'm gradually getting the hang of it, which probably means it's time to find a new challenge. Meanwhile I'll try to spend a little more time communicating about the cool stuff I'm doing instead of just getting on with it. Starting, in the next exciting episode, with some impressive performance improvements. Because hey, who doesn't like faster code, right?

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