Friday, November 2, 2012

JBoss Transactions 4.17.2.Final released


I wanted to share with you some fantastic news for those who have either been working with our project for a while or those who might have just recently discovered us. The first version of JBoss Transactions created using our new development environment of GitHub and Maven is available for download right now from:

Even better, this version (4.17.2.Final) has made it into the latest branch of AS7! So if you checkout the current version of JBoss AS you will be able to build a version of the app server containing this release!

Here are a few links to help you get started:
1. The projects source code:
2. The projects documentation repository:
3. Some quickstarts to get you up and running:

You can checkout these projects using Git ( The following steps show how to obtain the projects source code once you have Git installed (replace the path for documentation or quickstarts):
1. git clone
2. git checkout 4.17 (the default branch contains "Narayana" - more on that in later posts...)

To build the project itself, you simply type: ./ install [-DskipTests]
Or, to build either the documentation or quickstarts projects, just type: mvn install

Obtaining the sourcecode for a version of AS7 that contains the new JBoss Transactions is as simple as visiting here: (the master branch uses our latest release)

As you can tell, the version number has rev'd a little from 4.16.x while we ironed out some of the teething wrinkles with releasing this new version, so for this release we have created a custom release notes link for you that aggregates a couple of version numbers:
We have also made some considerable enhancements to our documentation pack and with the new quickstarts repo, plus many changes to the tests to make them more robust. The release notes link above has a filter to omit these so you can easily see the new functionality rather than being inundated with numerous related Jiras.

Another major feature is that we have re-introduced for the JDK orb as well as JacORB when using JTS.

The primary theme of this release is collaboration though. We believe that by moving to GitHub we should be much more geared up to accept patches from you. We have a dedicated build server which will check out any "pull request" that you make, build it, and give you feedback as to whether your changes pass our rigorous testing process!

That's about all for now, if you do have any questions I can answer them in the comments or feel free to ask them over on our user or dev forums here: and here:

Happy developing!