Monday, March 28, 2011

fast enough?

Remember the performance tuning we've been doing? Well, the powers that be sat up and took notice too. I think the phrase was 'more than enough to satisfy requirements' with a non-too-subtle subtext of 'so now put down that profiler and do some real work'. Fortunately I'm not too good at taking hints...

After some more tweaking today (finalizers are evil and must die), I thought I'd see how we were doing. Here is trunk, soon to become JBossTS 4.15 and be used in EAP6, against JBossTS 4.6.1.CP11, used in the current EAP5.1 platform release. 4.6.1 originally dates from September 2009, but we backported some performance improvements into it in mid 2010.

results in transactions per second, using quad core i7, jdk6, in-memory objectstore i.e. we're testing the CPU not the disk.

threads 4.6.1.CP12 4.15.SNAPSHOT improvement
1 37285 93192 2.50x
2 55309 164744 2.97x
3 65070 224114 3.44x
4 66172 249781 3.77x
100 29027 239865 8.26x

hmm, ok, so I guess maybe we did exceed the requirements a bit.

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