Monday, June 13, 2016

Karaf Integration

Narayana was introduced in the karaf 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT with 5.3.2.Final. You need to build from


The narayana configuration file could be found in <karaf-4.1.0-SNAPSHOT>/etc/org.jboss.nararayana.cfg


First you need to install the narayana transaction manager feather and others related.
 karaf@root()> repo-add mvn:org.ops4j.pax.jdbc/pax-jdbc-features/0.8.0/xml/features
 karaf@root()> feature:install pax-jdbc-pool-narayana jdbc pax-jdbc-h2 transaction-manager-narayana jndi
 karaf@root()> jdbc:ds-create --driverName H2-pool-xa -dbName test test
 karaf@root()> bundle:install -s mvn:org.jboss.narayana.quickstarts.osgi/osgi-jta-example/5.3.2.Final

Run the commit example

karaf@root()> narayana-quickstart:testCommit

Run the recovery example

karaf@root()> narayana-quickstart:testRecovery -f
It could crash the karaf and generate the record to recovery. You need to restart the karaf and run the testRecovery command again.
karaf@root()> narayana-quickstart:testRecovery

Admin tools

We are working on the JBTM-2624 [1] and support the commands
narayana:refresh                          Refresh the view of the object store
narayana:types                            List record types
narayana:select type                   Select a particular transaction type
narayana:ls [type]                        List the transactions
narayana:attach id                       Attach to a transaction log
narayana:detach id                      Detach to the transaction log
narayana:forget idx                      Move the specified heuristic participant back to the prepared list
narayana:delete idx                     Delete the specified heuristic participant


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