Thursday, September 5, 2013

Narayana 5.0.0.M4 and JBoss Transactions 4.17.9.Final released!


It is with great pleasure that I can announce Narayana 5.0.0.M4 has been released and integrated into the WildFly application server master branch! Maven central has been updated with the release, plus the binary zips and docs are now available here:

Source tags are located here:

The release notes are available here:|38dea2e03ccddd2835723190cd876cad2317ad03|lin

Alongside the usual incremental fixes and enhancements, we are also happy to announce that the BlackTie project is now fully merged into the Narayana code base.

This is the penultimate milestone release for Narayana 5. We are intending to release Beta1 in October and the .Final shortly afterwards.

In other news, we recently released 4.17.9.Final of JBoss Transactions containing a few bug fixes, the release notes are over here:|394366ea879c98614444896710bd0831b550e086|lin


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