Monday, June 3, 2013

Feedback required: When can't you use ACID transactions?

In recent releases of Narayana, we've been making significant improvements to our support for compensation-based transactions. Along-side these releases, I'm also publishing a blog post series that shows how compensation-based transactions can be used as an alternative to ACID transactions. In this series I discuss the aspects of an ACID transaction that can make them inappropriate for certain scenarios. I then show that instead of throwing out transactions altogether, you can opt for a more relaxed transaction model, that still retains many of the strong guarantees that enterprise applications require. This will also be the subject of a talk I'm giving at JUDCon:Boston on the 11th June. 

We're keen to gain feedback from the community on:

  • What scenarios do you feel are not suitable for ACID transactions?
  • Real-world examples where ACID transactions have been shunned in favour of no transactions at all.
  • Real-world examples where an alternative to ACID transactions has been used.
  • Anything else you think may be of interest.

I've created this discussion as a place to provide feedback.

Thanks in advance!


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