Thursday, March 21, 2013

Narayana and BlackTie 5.0.0.M2 Released!

I am very proud to be able to announce the availability of version 5.0.0.M2 of the Narayana and BlackTie projects which has been a significant release for us on many levels.

One of the greatest achievements for this release is that it is the first version of Narayana (JBoss Transactions 5) that has been consumed by the AS8 project. This means you can start using it straight away by downloading the latest nightly build of AS8!

Narayana's integration with the app server contains the usual bits and pieces from JBoss Transactions (JTA, JTS, XTS) alongside our new APIs for using XTS. It also provides a suitable base line to deploy the BlackTie and REST-AT server-side components. With future milestone releases of Narayana we will add full out-of-the-box support for these extra components.

Some other features that have been added in this version (release notes here and here) which I would like to pick out are:
  • Added a significantly improved API for using XTS in the app server (see separate blog posts for more details)
  • Early release of a new API for compensation-based transactions
  • JDBC Object Store
  • Simplified BlackTie client library (without TAO dependency)
  • Windows 2008 Server support for BlackTie
  • The usual set of enhancements for our documentation and quickstarts

So, where can you download the software from? For Narayana standalone, you can download the software here:
For BlackTie, it is available here (a Linux 64 bit distribution and a Windows 32 bit one are provided):
For a build of AS8 containing Narayana:

As I mentioned on a previous blog, we are going to be merging the BlackTie and Narayana repos/Jira instances/blogs etc in the M3 timeframe, so in future everything will be available from the existing Narayana locations:

Source: (plus documentation and quickstart )

Issue management: (use the blacktie component if raising a blacktie issue)

Please do let us know what you think of the release either in the comments on our blog ( or forum (

Happy evaluating!

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