Friday, August 12, 2011

Using JBossTS in OpenShift Express


I just wanted to let you know that you can use transactions in Red Hat's new OpenShift Express tool. Having had some hand's on time with the system I can safely say its one of the most exciting new projects I have seen in a while.

It makes deploy applications into the cloud so easy, plus as it supports deploying applications onto AS7 you can benefit from all the cool features that have been added there.

As AS7 features transactions (naturally!) I decided to kick the tyres of Openshift Express a little harder by not just using JPA, EJB, JTA and JSF, but also utilise one of the JBoss Transactions extension features - TXOJ. You can watch my video of this here, and the source code is available here.

Safe to say it was extremely simple to get this up and running, if you follow the video you can too!

For those who don't like videos though, here's a little cheat sheet I put together to get it running:

1. You need an openshift express domain, go to: to get one
2. rhc-create-app -a txapp -t jbossas-7.0
3. cd txapp
4. svn export
5. mv jee_transactional_app/* .
6. rmdir jee_transactional_app
7. Add an openshift profile to your pom.xml:
8. git add src pom.xml
9. git commit -a -m “jee_transactional_app” && git push
10. Open up firefox and go to http://txapp-<YOUR_DOMAIN>

I hope you enjoy using Openshift Express and also can add a few Transactional Objects to your applications!


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Hi, I just updated the link to: as the previous link was outdated