Monday, December 19, 2011

my last commit

Today I created the tag for the JBossTS 4.16.0.Final release, thereby making my last commit to the JBossTS repository as team lead.

It is the end of an era in more ways than one, as 4.16 is planned to be the last feature release for the 4.x line and the last for the JBossTS brand.

Starting in the new year, the project gets a new name, Narayana, a new major version, 5.0, and a new development team lead, Tom Jenkinson. So, exciting times ahead for the project in 2012 and beyond, with fresh blood and fresh ideas.

As for myself, I start 2012 with a shiny new JBoss role looking at Big Data and noSQL. Who knows, there may even be a new blog for you to subscribe to. But first there is the small matter of a seasonal vacation...

Merry Christmas

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