Tuesday, April 26, 2011

almost done

JBossTS 4.15.0.Final is done. It's the fastest, most robust release yet. It's also the last feature release of its line.

As well as working standalone, 4.15 is the feature release for integration with JBossAS 7 and thence JBossEAP 6. As AS 7 is still a moving target we've got a bit of tweaking to do for the integration over the next few weeks, particularly on JTS and XTS. After that it's maintenance only on the 4.15.x branch and the community focus moves on to the next major version.

As well as new features, the next major release cycle will have a new project name (complete with snazzy new logo, naturally) and a new project lead.

That change should hopefully leave me with some time to do new things too, particularly looking at the implications of the cloud computing model and NoSQL storage solutions on transaction systems.

I'm starting out on that road with a presentation next week at JUDCon so if you're in the Boston area come along and join in. Don't worry, I'll have written the slides by then, I promise. I'm just not quite done yet :-)

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